Welcome to Valor Winery’s Valor Legal Department. For many years veterans came to us seeking benefits and assistance with their legal issues ranging from various problems they have encountered. So the veterans at Valor Winery have set up our own Self Help Legal Education program to assist all kinds of people with their legal issues. Going on six years of experience along with criminal justice and administration of Justice courses, Valor Winery’s Legal Department offers education in various civil law, traffic law and family law matters from: Title 42 sec. 1983 cases, landlord/tenant dispute cases, Home Owners Association disputes, traffic tickets, automobile registration & driver’s license issues, Alcohol Beverage Controller’s/TTB issues, government entity issues, contract issues/disputes, child custody, child support/alimony, restraining orders, VA benefits/disputes, appeals, business start-ups, state & federal jurisdiction and more.
If you have an issue, email us at or call 925.321.0373.
 Disclaimer: Note, we are not lawyers or judges – we do not engage in criminal activities. We do not give legal advice and we do not represent you, however, we provide self help legal education in law and your rights. Our Oath of Office has not expired.